Expand Your Patient Base at No Cost to You

Why pay websites to show your inventory with no call to action? Novus MedPlan's portal does just that; display your products and a call to action to get more patients through your door.  We want to team up with you to offer Medical Marijuana (MMJ), Hemp, and other Integrative Healthcare products and services to patients via our health plans. Novus MedPlan is the nation’s first health plan that focuses on reducing the costs associated with Medical Marijuana (Cannabis), CBD (Cannabidiol), Hemp, and other alternative and holistic products, including Naturopathic care. Health Plans start Free to $24.95 per month.

Becoming a provider with Novus MedPlan is more than just a partnership.  It is an opportunity to be at the forefront of the wellness and cannabis industries. Together we can compete in the MMJ marketplace without incurring any cost to you, and with no contracts to sign.

The Novus Med Plan benefits your company will receive are:

  • Member Access: to a loyal and exclusive patient market, averaging $300 per month in purchases 
  • Free Instant Web Presence: join and get your own online shop on Novus MedPlan web portal 
  • Free Social Networking: Don't pay high prices for Social Networking we do it for you, again no cost to you
  • Free Search Engine Optimization: With Novus' portal it will send to all the social networking sites your updated inventory and show case your store
  • Free Marketing Advertising: Novus MedPlan will cover most costs in your marketing and advertising, reducing your expenses
  • Free Display of Inventory:  Modify pricing through our Provider portal just as you would with Weedmaps but at no cost, and as a Provider you get free access to our affiliate marketing platform and email marketing to our member base
  • Push Notifications Orders: Patients pre-order from our portal with push notifications to your business / dispensary
  • Be Competitive: Gain the competitive edge over your competition as a Novus MedPlan Provider
  • No contracts to signjust join, becoming a provider is fast and easy, and if Novus MedPlan is not for you, cancel anytime

Novus realizes that the wellness and medical cannabis industries are becoming increasingly competitive.  As the market becomes more saturated and legislation changes, our partnership allows you to focus more of your time on serving your patients’ needs and less on new patient acquisition.

Novus MedPlan's membership growth is increasing, our partnership allows patients to get the products and services they require at a cost savings, and, because we limit our partnerships within a geographic area, we enable you to keep them as recurring visitors. In addition, our patient referral program earns additional revenue for you just by telling your patients about Novus MedPlan.



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